Addrena Versus Adderall: Which is a better Supplement for Focus?

It is needless to introduce the word multi-tasking in these days. Everyone wants to excel in all the works which they do. But as a human there are more chances for them to get less focused, more deviated after completing many tasks. All the students and the individuals who are running to win the completion or to complete their hectic tasks that need more concentration are really struggling a lot and strictly waiting to get some panacea which might increase their concentration.

Power OF Adderall in Enhancing Focus:

Taking these aspects into consideration the market and the sellers of the focus pills namely Adderall and Addrena are having a large share of the profits. Those who have the prescription from the doctor are going to the option of purchasing the Adderall as this has many benefits which last for a longer time.

Why to Choose OTC Drug besides Adderall:

But there is no doctor who is going to provide these pills, even if we ask them that we need to get a high score or clear an entrance test. So the OTC drug named Addrena is becoming the most preferable option. Right now the pills named Addrena are available in the market at any store. These are even sold in the online. People may get them by just ordering them sitting on the couch. The sale of this drug is even remarkable as this has become popular as the best supplement for Adderall. This even acts as a stimulant and used to increase the concentration in a person.

Addrena has proved to have almost no side effects and there are many happy customers for this product. The price of these pills is costlier when compared to the Adderall, but these are coming to a less price as there is no need to pay the doctor fees. Unlike other focusing pills, there won’t be any difference in controlling the diet. So these are perfect in providing the necessary focus to the people who ever used it. There won’t be any cases of getting addicted or such.

Addrena Versus Adderall:

As per the feedback from the customers who ever used both the Adderall and Addrena, both have their positive and negative sides. The research shows that usage of the OTC drug is less powerful in enhancing the concentration on comparison with Adderall. But the market prefers to use Addrena, as these pills are available with ease. People who love to use the natural products may prefer the OTC drug while those go for the option of the synthetic one for better results. Neuro protective benefits are associated with both the products.

Individuals body type and as well their ability in receiving the drug is very vital. Even though there are small medical problems, in these days all the people are using these to get the desired benefit. Those who are having heart problems are strictly advised not to use any of these without doctor’s advice.

On the whole both the products are considered to be the best in the market for increasing the concentration. However, people are using this based on their need.

OTC Products that are Similar to Adderall and aids Weight Loss

Whilst prescription drugs might be appealing as you might consider them more potent and stronger than the OTC supplements, prescription supplements are factually for short term use only and moreover, they need a medical supervision. If you are instead looking for an OTC appetite suppressants similar to that of Adderall, be cautious that all of them are not the same.

Why OTC products are best?

If you are searching for the best OTC products you are truly spoilt for choice. The fact is that, there are literally numbered of brands that available in the market and it can certainly be difficult to know the best suitable one for you. Over the counter products greatly differ from Prescription pills such Adderall because the latter are more expensive and are also administrated by the FDA. You also might be desired to be prescribed by the physician or doctor after evaluating your overall health. Non-prescription products are available OTC without typically any consultation.

There are lots of benefits of selecting OTC weight loss pills. First and foremost, they must be far less expensive and affordable to everyone that their prescription counterparts like Adderall. Secondly, the OTC products tend to be made usually with more natural or herbal ingredients as opposed to stimulants.

Addrena – A product similar to Adderall

One among the best OTC product to consider is the Addrena; it has the similar effect as that of Adderall. This weight loss supplement also provides great focus and an enhancement in energy naturally. Most of them are unaware of the fact that the Adderall was the very first prescribed as the weight loss medication prior to it was as an ADHD drug.

Addrena, the OTC Adderall weight loss supplement tends to provide a natural approach to attaining effective weight loss results as it comprises powerful ingredients such as Guarana, Orange, Bitter, and lots more. These natural stimulants and amphetamines can aid one lose excess weight as this OTC product Suppresses your appetite, augments thermo genesis, and provides a strong boost in energy naturally in order to get through those helpful cardio exercises.

Where to find OTC products?

OTC products in general are considered safe to use by experts, however keeping yourself well-informed regarding the effectiveness of the specific product is very much essential and this will aid you choose the best OTC product available for facilitating your weight loss goal for sure.

The best OTC product similar to Adderall and which can aid you in improving focus, losing weight and more can be easily available online, in local drugstores, supermarkets and most of them tend to enhance your metabolism as well as offer you a great level of energy. There are several official websites selling such pills at affordable price over the internet. These websites will come up with discounts and some attractive offers, for those looking to purchase their OTC products in large or bulk quantities. You must stick to the recommended dosages, as excessive consumption of any drugs can cause irreversible effects to your body.

What is a List of legal Adderall Alternatives that Act as OTC Stimulants for Studying?

Many people had been found suffering from the attention-deficit hyper-activity disorder commonly known as ADHD. The drugs which are prescribed for medication in order to treat ADHD are Adderall, also known as d-amphetamine. This medication process works in a unique and solemn way and accelerates the activity in the brain which helps people in concentrating. This medication is trusted and has been studied for many years therefore it is regarded as one of the safest psychiatric medications.

Highly Addictive In Nature and Should Be Obtained Only Through Prescription

Adderall is regarded as an immensely potent pharmaceutical drug which has been used for treating serious brain conditions like narcolepsy and ADHD. Since it helps in increasing the brain concentration power, many students and other persons are found misusing this drug in order being high-pressure environ upon them. Such individuals buy these drugs without any legitimate prescriptions in their countries or wherever it is available over the counter. It is should be noted that this is classified as a drug as a controlled substance within United States which means obtaining and using the Adderall without prescription and doctor’s supervision could turn out to be fatal and even criminal offence. Adderall is also known to be highly addictive in nature; hence such precautions had kept in place to keep the malicious people at bay.

Adderall In A Nutshell

Adderall is a classified which is used specifically for the treatment of certain brain conditions like ADHD and narcolepsy. It is extremely powerful stimulant which could only be administered to children in specific cases on short-term basis only. The medication of Adderall given to the patients with brain conditions contains four types of distinct amphetamine salts such as aspartate monohydrate and sulphate and dextroampetamine sulphate and saccharate. Adderall is known to bring upon a highly simulative effect on the patient’s central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Therefore, it provides strong and commendable benefits to the ADHD patients. It is highly unlikely that such a potent drug would be without any side effects. Its side-effects had made many regular users to look for alternatives which have better effect in the same way.

Some of the Best Alternatives for Adderall

Adderall as said earlier contains the amphetamines which unfortunately happened to build habit-formation among the individuals due to over-use. In order to restrict the people from abusing this drug, a prescription had been a must for buying it legally in the Unites States. The pharmaceutical market is filled with many alternatives to the Adderall which provide excellent cognitive and other benefits to the ADHD sufferer in the same manner. The study had shown that these alternatives seem to provide much safe and better alternative the Adderall.


One of the most successful and highly popular alternatives is Piracetam which comes from a revered category of supplements called Nootropics. They have the potential of enhancing the brain power. Piracetam works in its own way wherein it crosses over the blood-brain barrier and enters into the nervous system. Later it affects the levels of several neurotransmitters most importantly- the Acetylcholine. This brain chemical is natural in nature and it is known to be involved in multiple cognitive processes such as the memory formation, concentration, focus, attention and learning capacity.

Piracetam helps reducing the ADHD symptoms like the Adderall but it is less toxic and improves the brain functionality.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is also a leading nootrropic drug which is use along with other supplements for better results. Alpha GPC is an important component of this drug which is a choline-rich supplement.  It boosts the amount of available acetylcholine in the brain and helps in boosting the nerve signaling which in turn brings clearer thoughts.  It possess ingredients like GABA and Vitamin B6 which are great stress relievers and it helps immensely the patients with ADHS and short attention span.

Furthermore Alpha Brain is also known to eliminate the social anxiety face the by the patients to a great extent. It is one of the best over the counter drug for ADHD suffers and it provides higher stimulation than the Adderall.


Aniracetam is highly powerful drug which is known to bring fast onset of results. It activates the Nicotine Acetylcholine receptors which enhances the cognitive process of the brain such as improved signaling, dramatic memory effects as well as vibrant growth of neural structures such as neurons and synapses. The effects brought upon the users ranges from excellent mood lifting to increased awareness and better attention span.

Aniracetam brings twofold results which includes both the mental focus and concentration along with the alleviation of symptoms of depression and anxiety. Adderall would seem to be unworthy and blunt in front of the benefits and influential effects provide by the Aniracetam.


AddTabz is a special drug supplement which has been designed as an alternative for Adderall. It has helped many individuals by improving their attention span, concentration, focus, energy levels and productivity. Some reviews and even suggested that it ingredients are low-performing in nature and doesn’t really have commendable effect on the brain’s performance.

Most of the ingredients used in the AddTabz are herbs or some other kind of natural stimulants. It contains a key ingredient, Choline which helps in enhancing the potential of Acetylcholine. This helps in increasing the memory, learning capacity along with other cognitive functions of the brain.  It is advisable to use this along with other drug like Aniracetam or Piracetam for better results. But one should administer AddTabz by itself.

The above listed Adderall alternatives list just a few available over the counter drugs which are available in the pharmaceutical market. These supplements could easily be purchased with any prescription. Most of these utilize only natural or herbal formulations which keep the user safe from the harmful side effects of the Adderall.  Though the decision to buy the over the counter drugs would depend entirely on you as per your need and understanding. The effects of the drugs may differ from individual to individual in any given case.